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Orthopedic Tuff Bed


When it comes to the health of a dog’s bones and joints, one of the best types of beds for dogs is the memory foam bed. The value of a “true” memory foam dog bed lies in how effectively the foam supports your dog’s body . It is easy for any company to claim that they make a memory foam dog mattress provided that they use a foam, but cheap foam can be less supportive than cheap fill. Our Orthopedic beds use a solid, 4” thick, 100% memory foam mattress. This provides the best support and comfort, it minimizes pressure points on bones and joints for a better quality sleep. Less pressure points means better blood circulation which benefits the whole body. A good night sleep is just as important for your dog as it is for you! Great for all dogs, a must have for older dogs. Memory foam beds may cost a little more upfront but can be a great preventative measure to problems like hip dysplasia and other medical conditions later in your pets life. It’s never too soon to be proactive in the overall good health of your puppy.

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