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Please contact Tammy via email to request a Welcome Letter to learn more details



Before our puppies go home, they are vet-checked, vaccinated, and dewormed (every 2 weeks since birth). They are ready to go to their new homes after 8 weeks of age. Your puppy will go home with a daily schedule for training, a health certificate, and complete veterinary records.

We feed Lifes Abundance dog food. It is an extremely good food and recommend to all of our owners. 

I now feed Life's Abundance Premium Holistic All Life Stage Food for Puppies and Adults. It is  formulated by a Holistic Vet. This food has proven to my satisfaction to be the best.  It contains NO Corn, Wheat or Soy. Corn is undigestible filler. YOU WILL NEVER GET A BAG THAT IS OLDER THAT SIX WEEKS. Therefore it is not sold in Stores.  It is made with the freshest, human-quality ingredients, including high-quality proteins from Chicken and Fish, essential vitamins, minerals and Omega-3 fatty acids, powerful antioxidants from fresh fruits and vegetables, natural Brown Rice, Flax Seed meal, Eggs and wholesome fiber along with Lactobacillus Acidophilus fermentation product, Lactobacillus Casei fermentation product, and Bifido Bacterium fermentation product which all promote healthy digestion and if I may say, a very nice firm stool! They actually eat less and poop less because their bodies get all the nutrients from the food.


Our puppies are born and raised in our home. They are raised with our 3 young children. They are definitely kid-proof by the time they go to their new homes! Our puppies learn how to behave through our teaching and through the help of our older doodles.

We highly recommend crate training your puppies. We work on crate training and house breaking while the puppies are here. We hope to prepare them for their new homes as best we can!

We do ship our puppies all over Canada and the US. We will also hand deliver puppies or you are more than welcome to come and visit our home.

What is included with your puppy purchase: 

 1. Healthy puppy

 2. Health certificate proving a healthy puppy

 3. First round of vaccines

 4. Bonding Visits. I encourage families to start bonding with puppies as early as 2-3 weeks old. This is so we can all get to know one another, I can answer all your questions while you visit and play with the puppies. This is great for young children, as well the puppies! My own dogs love when we get visitors to play with them too. 

 5. As many references as you need:

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6. Know you can call me anytime before and after getting your puppy. I still speak with past families and love when they bring their doodles back for a visit! 

 7. A loving home and family to leave your doodle to play and vacation while your family vacations!

* There is a fee for this service. Your doodle will run and play with my doodles and children without being kenneled. I have a doodle spa for washing and grooming too!

 8. I start each puppy potty training between 4-5 weeks till they leave. I do this for the puppies benefit as well mine...for these puppies are raised in my home and we want each to get off to a great start for their new homes.  I am not guaranteeing you a 100% Potty trained puppy. However I can tell you that they are very well trained before they leave. I do not guarantee because I do not know what each family will do once they get the puppy home. But I can tell you I have many happy new families that say they had hardly or no accidents.Please use my Facebook page as a reference: 

This is very different from other breeders, you will see and read on my Facebook  that I am not a puppy mill. We live with farms and mountains surrounding us in very gorgeous part of the country of NJ. We do not have kennels on our property. Our dogs get full run for it is their home too. Our favorite game is "doodle in the middle"! Feel free to come play too! You will leave with a smile! You will not leave without a doodle hug!


 Please keep in mind that your puppies first couple months of how they are cared for is important to each family getting a great future dog



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