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Innotek UltraSmart Contain and Train inground/indoors/away from home Contain and Train System All-IN-One



Innotek UltraSmart Contain and Train IUC-5100


Quick Overview

NEW INNOTEK UltraSmart in-ground pet fencing systems set a new standard. The difference is in the sleek, streamlined contoured comfortable fit collar -- 30% smaller and lighter than other containment receivers. The Innotek Ultra systems are Superior, Smarter, and Safer than any other systems. Technology makes the difference. The Ultra systems are the Only systems which incorporate Lithium Ion Technology. The Only system where the receiver is incorporated into the Collar. The Only system where the receiver is contoured to your dogs neck. The Only systems which performs a self diagnostic. The Only system which automatically tests for proper collar fit. The Only system which provides instant feedback on battery strength. The Innotek Ultra systems are hands down the most Superior, the Smartest and the Safest containment systems available for your dog.

This system is the quickest way to keep your dog safe in the yard. Weve taken elements of our best-selling in-ground fencing and added the collar that consumers told us they want! The sleek, ultra-thin collar offers cutting edge technology and is lighter and more comfortable than other containment solutions.

The Ultra Difference! Ultra is the ONLY system where the receiver is built into the collar. All other collars have a box which hangs off on the collar. Ultra is the ONLY system which offers a contoured collar receiver to match the curved contour of your dogs neck. The result is the most comfortably fitting collars available. Ultra is the Smallest and Lightest weight collar available any where. The Ultra collar is over 30% smaller than any other collar and weighs less than 4.3 ounces. Ultra is the ONLY system which offers a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery. Lithium Ion batteries Last Longer and Charge Faster than any other battery. Ultra is the ONLY system with Ready Test that performs a collar Self-Diagnostic assuring you of proper collar operation. With this system you know the collar is operating correctly, with all others you have to guess. Ultra is the ONLY system that performs a Self-Diagnostic for proper collar fit. Eight out of ten times your dog walks out of the safety of the containment area it is because the collar did not fit correctly. With this system you know the collar is properly fit, with all others you have to guess. Ultra is the ONLY system where the collar tells you the status of the battery. The collar tells you if you have a good charge, a weak charge or needs to be charged. All Ultra system collars are Compatible with the Innotek Zone indoor systems. To restrict your dog from areas of your home, or furniture, rooms, or doors, simply add a ZND-1000 Zone transmitter to your order.

Zone Discs are a great way to contain your dog in certain areas in the home or prevent him from going where he shouldn't. Does your dog get into the trash, get onto the sofa or muddy the carpet? The ZND-1000 zone discs allow you to prevent these undesirable behaviors, even when you're not around.

With a field range from 1 to 12 feet, you can simply place the zone disc near the area where you want to keep your dog away from and he'll quickly learn to respect those boundaries. An A/B switch allows you to keep designated dogs away from designated areas. For instance, if you have two dogs with their own special diets, simply place a disc at each of the food bowels and synch their collars to the disc located next to the food bowel that you want to keep them away from. No more problems with dogs eating each others food! Check out the zone disc today and provide your dogs with constant training.

This Ultra IUC-5100 is a Contain and Train system. It is the only Contrain System available with Waterproof Collar Receivers and Rechargeable Collar Receivers. It comes standard with one remote and one receiver collar. The IUC-5100 can be used for more than Two dogs. Simply purchase an additional Remote and and additional collars for every Two dogs that you want to train. Unlike competitive brands this remote will operate with the collars inside or outside the containment area.

In Addition to all the Ultra Extras, these systems also come with all of the features which has made Innotek systems the best systems available.

Built-in 24/7 battery backup in the event of power failure. System comes equipped to cover 1/3 - 1/2 acre. Expands up to 25 acres with optional boundary kits purchased separately. Waterproof Collar will stand up to rough punishment, even submerged in water. Patented Run-Through Prevention, only offered by Innotek, offers reliable and secure pet containment. Others may say it but only Innotek has Run-Through Prevention. Only Innotek systems allow you to adjust the field width, the distance from the wire to where your dog first receives a warning tone, from 1 foot to 20 feet.

The World's Smartest and Safest Dog Containment System This System and these collars are compatible with the Innotek In-Door Zones. Contoured Collar Receiver for a Comfortable Fit Exclusive Ready Test Self Diagnostic Collar Exclusive Perfect Fit Collar Diagnostic Containment Up To 25 Acres Long Lasting - Fast Charging Rechargable Lithium Ion battery in Collar Run-Through Prevention For Small to Large Dogs 12 - 220 lbs. Digital Signal Computer Enhanced

Humane Operation:

Innotek's Advanced Computer Controlled Technology Results in the Industry's Lowest Stimulation Levels Without Compromising Effectiveness. Use Only Burial Approved Boundary Wire The wire you use is Important. Do not be fooled, there is no significant difference in longevity as regards the gauge of the wire used. But there is a significant difference if your wire is Burial Approved or not. Use only long lasting waterproof Polyurethane Coated wire with solid copper core.

For additional or replacement collars, select the IUC-5225. For additional boundary wire, order the BD-25K. This system comes with 500 feet of Premium 20-gauge burial approved boundary wire and 50 flags. This is enough to cover around 1/2 acre of land. Additional boundary kits are available below.

IUC-4100 Information

Introducing our newest top-of-the-line full-feature system! For yards up to 25 acres in size. Features a redesigned interior wall-mounted transmitter that complements virtually any dcor. All-new rechargeable collar receiver is totally waterproof and looks slimmer and shapelier on your dog. We added other safety features for one reason only: so you have peace of mind as your dog plays safely in your yard. These features include battery back-up (AA batteries not included), audible and visual wire break alarm, reflective safety neck strap, small waterproof collar receiver and recharge reminder. Boundary self-check displays system status 24/7. Includes 500' of single-conductor ground wire, indoor wall-mounted transmitter, one rechargeable waterproof collar receiver with neck strap, boundary wire, complete installation instructions, video, training flags, and accessories.

Safety and security for your pet are now as close as your own back yard! Utra Smart Dog in-ground pet fencing systems set the standard for results you can trust. Not a rocket scientist? Dont sweat it--installation is a snap in only three basic steps. Smart Dog systems consist of a buried yard wire connected to an indoor radio transmitter. When the dog approaches the wire, a special collar worn around his neck delivers a brief, totally harmless correction that discourages him from crossing the boundary. Patented run-through prevention is a standard feature on all Smart Dog systems. Corrections typically become less frequent as the dog learns his new limits.

Containment Features -

Pure Digital Signal: Eliminates interference from stray signals. Computer aided wholesale allows for smooth and consistent operation. Our micro processor works twice as hard as others and takes less signal to activate correctly. The NEW Sensitive approach to pet containment systems mean's a more accurate correction point. Most Humane System: Innoteks computer aided wholesale continues to offer the most advanced and most humane systems available. All Innotek systems monitor your dogs position and speed from the buried wire. Ask millions of satisfied users. Progressive Correction: (Run Thru Prevention) All Innotek systems offer progressive correction, and ONLY Innotek systems, because it is a US Patent. If it isnt Innotek its not Run Thru Prevention. If it isnt Run Thru Prevention it is not the best system available in the US. NEW! 24/7 Battery Backup: Only Innotek systems offer the safety and security of non stop battery backup. So even if the power goes out, your system will still work! No more running home from work during thunderstorms and no more worrying. Another first from Innotek - designed for your comfort and peace of mind. NEW! State of the Art Control Center: The IUC-5100 is equipped with Innotek's new and improved transmitter. This transmitter alerts you of multiple functions - including when the collars need charging, when the backup batteries are low and when there is a break in the wire. Waterproof Collar: This is a true waterproof collar. The only completely sealed receiver unit available. No Caps, No Screws. Anti Drain: Another long time feature developed by Innotek. Anti Drain prevents a dog from lingering in the warning zone area. Rechargeable Collar: With an advanced computer electronic rechargeable system Constant Alert Operation: Unlike other systems where the system goes to sleep, this system is always working to protect your pet. Sleeping units like alarm clocks may not always turn on. The advanced battery system does not need to shut off to conserve a charge. Auto Safety Shut Off: Like most other system for years Innotek has pioneered and offered Auto- Safety Shut off to prevent unnecessary long exposure to a corrective stimulation. After shut off the unit will reactivate automatically. Innotek has always lead the way in Safety. Line Break Indicator: A simple feature to alert you of a line break, should it occur. Line breakage is most often a result of using inferior non burial approved wire. Innotek is the only manufacturer to offer burial approved wire. Built-in lightning protection: Protects your home from power surges caused by lightening strikes. Omni-Directional Signal: A must for all containment systems as it eliminates all dead signal areas. This prevents your pet from finding a way out. A must for any system. Operates Multiple Collars: This system was designed to operate as many collars and contain as many dogs as you desire. Adjustable Correction Zone: Innotek pioneered the adjustable boundary, allowing you to set the correction field from one foot all the way up to 20 feet. A system must fit in a yard. Precision Early Warning Tone: To alert your pet and aid in the safe training of your pet. DVD and manual: Complete Installation and Pet Training Instructions. MOST IMPORTANT: You are buying a product from a US company which has pioneered Humane and successful Pet Containment for years. Innotek is a National Brand, used by millions of Americans. Each system is backed by a large and professional manufacturing, quality control, service and support staff. The bottom line: Innotek is the Most Humane and the Most Effective containment system available.

Training Features

Efficient; uses same collar receiver as containment system. Nine stimulation levels instantly available on the compact, lightweight hand-held transmitter. 150 yard range. 2 Level Instant Boost. Tone options.


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