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Caring for your Goldendoodle

Dr Seuss is a text I send to my families as they leave my home with their newest family member. This Dr Seuss memo helps new families and puppies get through their first nights.

Here is that same Dr Seuss memo:

Have your children read to your puppy before bed.

No water past 6pm

Keep in house calm

Change up the games

Before kids head off to bed

Give them each a 10-20 min game to do with puppy

After each activity, have that child potty puppy.

Next child’s turn....repeat for each child.

Let pup rest rest

45 min to 1 hr before your bed

Change up games

Run in yard

Take a trip around the house

Practice steps

Chase a ball

Finish in yard for potty

Play Doodle in the Middle

Same concept as Monkey in the Middle. Roll a ball to each other. Let your puppy go back and forth. Soooo fun!!

After 11pm

Put puppy in crate. With fun safe toys. Warm water in 64oz bottle wrapped in blanket or towel (he/she will think it's another pup)

Hide pieces of training treats in blankets. (Broken 2-3 treats)

While prepping bed... sing to him/her. Cover entire crate.

Walk away

Classical music

Lights out

Don't get him/her unless he/she cries past 21 min

If after 21 minutes of crying ....Quietly (no speaking) take pup to potty. Once potty. Tell them they did a great job. Pat on head. Kiss. Hug all the way back to crate while singing. Cover. Lights out.

Love your puppy. Have patience.

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