Cha Cha Doodles

Family Raised Goldendoodles in New Jersey

                                    "PEEK-A-BOO! I SEE YOU!"


So...You have decided that you want a Golden Doodle Puppy from Cha Cha Doodles! ....Now you are wondering ...What's next?


Step 1. Read our entire website. Get to know our breeding                        program and view our Photo Gallery as well have fun                      viewing our Videos.


Step 2. If you have questions or want to get to know us                            more...Call us (973)229-0142


Step 3. If you would like to visit us....Come one... Come all ...Bring            the family!

           You are not just getting a puppy...You are getting a Family            Member.


Step 4. Go to my Face Book page: Cha Cha Doodles

Click here to proceed to Cha Cha Doodles Facebook Page

Have fun there! I love seeing past puppies with their new families. Over the years, I have met so many great families. Most families are happy to help and give references. Please also note, where families live. I love to get pics/videos of my Cha Cha Doodles playing together! 



If you are comfortable with steps 1-4 Fill out our Puppy                 Application and submit


Step 5. Wait for approval. Not only are you learning about  our                 breeding program, but when I take phone calls, read

            e-mails and applications, ect...I am also learning                           about our potential new families. We are a small                           goldendoodle breeder. Which is wonderful for me, for I can decide the very best homes for our puppies.


Step 6. You will either get an Acceptance or denial email from                   me. This could take a few hours till a few days. Please be patient, for we only have so many doodle pups.  Our family loves each and every puppy while they are in our care. In fact, our doodles and puppies are all             extremely spoiled. We want to make sure they will continue to receive just as much love and care once they leave us for their Forever homes.


Step 7. If you received an Acceptance letter.... Congratulations!


Step 8. Please send in your Non-Refundable deposit of $500.00                 Please see your Acceptance letter for our address. Once you have mailed your deposit, following the instructions in your  Acceptance letter (To help us with your puppy expectations) E-mail me and let me know. 

Please note: Because I am a small breeder, We have been               known to not have any puppies left... Word of mouth, my breeding program, waiting list, My website, ect... From past litters, our puppies have all been spoken for even before they are conceived. I have had people ask to be notified once the pups are born. The fact is, I have not   had pups available to do so.  Those people, then start my new waiting list for the future litter. 

           *** I do not include my address on my website for I do not            want deposits before applications are processed. 












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