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Nuvet is a very popular company that makes dog vitamins for pet owners who want to give their dogs extra vitamins and nutrition. If you are thinking about getting Nuvet for your dog then read our Nuvet plus reviews below

Our experience with Nuvet labs was a positive one. We breed dogs, and show them so we want them to be in the best health. We take great pride in our dogs, and we do feed them good dog food, however due to the nature of our breed (Bernese Mountain Dogs) they need something extra.

Large breed dogs are prone to joint problems and eye problems, it is also not uncommon for stomach issues. Although we do everything we can to give them optimal nutrition we still had some problems (even though we imported the best blood lines we could)

After the vet bills started piling up we started looking into the effect of nutrition on a dogs health, and then found nuvet labs, we decided to try nuvet plus on a few of our dogs and we were very impressed. The changes we noticed after a month or so was

  • Nicer coats
  • Better energy levels
  • Eating less food (we were really impressed with this!)
  • Less poop to clean up (Because they were not eating as much)

After some more research we found this is common, the dogs get better nutrition from the vitamins, so they don’t need to eat as much, and less of a mess for us. We then put all our dogs on the dog vitamins, and the funny thing is it actually saved us money

  • Less vet bills
  • Eating less food saved us a tonne (as a breeder we spend a lot on dog food)
  • Faster clean up time

You can see why we were thrilled with the dog vitamins. We would recommend them to anyone who bought a dog, and then decided to start this website. Of course the first article we wrote is this Nuvet Labs review. For more reviews of Nuvet read the ones below that we have found from other happy customers!

Visist the Nuvet Website to read more reviews

More Nuvet Plus Reviews

General Dog Health

We have an eight year old Maltese named Mollie.  Our son recommended NuVet Plus to us about 2 years ago and we ordered your 30 day trial bottle. By the end of the 30 day period, we could tell a significant difference in her every day activity.  She played more often and for longer periods of time and seemed to feel better.

We have given them to her for the two years since and would recommend them for any pet lover.

William & Jewel Ford Mollie, too!!!

Faith and her Shelties from Ohio

Attached are pictures of my Sheltie, Dr. Belvedere (the sable), now almost a year old.  Last year we lost an 8 year old gorgeous Blue Merle Sheltie to cancer.  We were devastated! When we were blessed with Dr. Belvedere we wanted to do everything we could to give him a long and healthy life.  So we started both our shelties on NuVet Plus.  Our vet was somewhat skeptical but said as long as it did no harm, it was OK.  We are pleased with the product, having noticed the following results:

Dr. Belvedere (he’s a dentist, he likes to clean teeth!) injured his left wrist when he was a baby and developed arthritis.  For three years he suffered with this.  We treated him with Deramaxx and Adequan shots but he still limped.  Just this winter (after starting the third bottle of NuVet Plus), I noticed that he was no longer limping, he could walk three miles with no pain and the swelling in his wrist is no longer noticeable. Also, he has not had to have a shot of Adequan for three months whereas before he would start limping after 28 days!

We are very pleased with the product and plan to continue to keep our great little friends on it.

Faith Bonniwell

Visist the Nuvet Website

Itching and scratching – Karen from Montana

Five months ago we adopted a 5 yr. old dog from a local shelter.  The first few days he was with us, we observed major itching, coughing, wheezing, and mucus from his eyes.  A full “vet wellness exam” diagnosed skin allergies.

I decided to research some alternative approaches other than allergy testing, steroid medication, and whatnot.  I ordered a 30 day supply of NuVet Plus vitamin supplements.  After 2 weeks, the coughing and wheezing stopped completely.  After 5 weeks, the intense scratching stopped.  Also, he had no more eye mucus.

Our dog is so comfortable now, he is a happy, playful 5 yr. old, unlike the distressed dog he was before!  He loves to eat the wafer every morning, and he waits by the cupboard for it!  This product has been a blessing for “Tazzer “.

Karen Tait

Nuvet Plus Information

NuVet Plus for dogs is a vitamin supplement intended for use by canines. NuVet Plus is a product of California’s NuVet Labs

A lot of care goes into the manufacture of NuVet Plus vitamins, which are packed with beneficial antioxidants and herbs. These include brewer’s yeast, blue green algae, cats claw, shark cartilage, evening primrose oil, oyster shell and minerals such as vitamins A, E, C, calcium and phosphorous. The vitamins in NuVet Plus are specifically designed to fight free radicals and enhance the immune system of both puppies and senior dogs. NuVet Plus works particularly well in older dogs by adding longevity to their lives. Every dog owner should use NuVet Plus because the supplement is made from human grade vitamins which ensure that your beloved dog is not exposed to too many impurities.

One good reason why I would recommend NuVet Plus for your dog is that it gives their coat a very attractive sheen, and seems to also work well in boosting their energy. After seeming lethargic for a while, my dog was soon enough unstoppable just within a few days of my starting him on NuVet Plus.  NuVet Plus is worth it in the long term as you will be able to keep your dog in tip top shape health wise, such that you can avoid having to pay high vet bills in future. If the safety of your dog is of primary importance, you will appreciate the fact that NuVet Plus is an organic product. Moreover, dogs can’t seem to get enough of it as it is just like a treat to them. NuVet Plus also just happens to be the supplement of choice for some of the top dog breeders around the country.

By reading this review of Nuvet plus you can see that it does cost a bit more than other vitamins for dogs, but the results are very noticeable! If you would like more information, or if you would like to buy some you can visit the NuVet Web site

Alpha Amylase -- Aids in the absorption of NuVet Plus into your pet's cellular network as efficiently as possible.
Beta Carotene -- A form of Vitamin A production, which is required for skeletal growth, embryonic function, and reduces cancerous tumors in animals.
Blue Green Algae -- Strengthens the immune system, promotes intestinal regularity, purifies the blood and assists in the smooth operation of the brain and nervous system.
Brewers Yeast -- A balanced natural source of the B-Complex Vitamins that has been proven to reduce the number of fleas in our companion pets.
Cats Claw -- An herb that has amazing healing properties, it aids in treating cancer, viral and respiratory infections, allergies, arthritis and rheumatism.
Desiccated Liver -- A rich source of B-Complex Vitamins.  It strengthens the nervous system, aids in digestion, tissue formation and production of red blood cells.
Evening Primrose Oil -- Digestive stimulant, aids in management of arthritis and rheumatism, decreases blood clotting.
L Methionine -- Improves skin and coat, reduces fatigue, prevents excess fat buildup in the liver.
Oyster Shell -- Rich source of calcium required by the structural framework of the bones.  It also aids in the proper functioning of the heart, nerves and muscles.
Papain -- Aids in protein digestion, and helps to cleanse the tissues and intestinal walls of all waste matter.
Pine Bark -- The most powerful antioxidant that reduces oxidativec damage to the cells and vital tissues.  It reduces cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis and helps prevent premature aging.
Potassium -- Required for the proper function of the muscles and regulates the amount of water in the cells.
Selenium -- Studies have shown it to help protect cancers of the lungs, colon, rectum and prostate.
Shark Cartilage -- Anti-inflammatory healing agent that has also been shown to be effective in hip dysplasia, arthritis and may shrink tumors by impeding the formation of blood vessels to the tumor.
Taurine -- An amino acid that promotes healthy hearts and is needed for normal vision.
Vitamin C -- A key factor in the immune system, including white blood cell function and interferon levels.  It combats the effects of frree radicals and promotes growth and tissue repair.
Vitamin E -- The most effective chain-breaking lipid-soluble antioxidant.  It protects the cell structure against free radicals.  It significantly improves the immune system and reduces heart disease, anemia, nutritional "muscular dystrophy" and neurological abnormalities.
Whey Protein -- Builds and maintains muscle mass.  Boosts the immune system which protects against viruses and bacteria.
Zinc -- A component of over 1200 enzymes that work with the red blood cells to move carbon dioxide from t he tisseus to the lungs.  It promotes normal growth and aids in wound healing, cell division and maintains normal levels of Vitamin A.

Using NuVet Plus has helped our dogs to build a strong immune system that greatly reduces the onset of these all too common problems:



 Hot Spots



 Premature Aging

 Low Energy Levels


 Digestive Problems

 Heart Disease


Allergies, skin and coat problems, arthritis, tumors, cancer, cataracts, strokes and heart disease are just a few of the 50 major diseases caused by free radicals.  Unfortunately these diseases lead to suffering and premature death in our pets.  The Veterinarians, Physicians, Pharmacists, and Nutritional Scientists of NuVet Labs have blended a precise combination of human grade, natural vitamins, minerals, herbs and antioxidants proven to combat the ravages of free radicals.  Puppies to senior dogs should start on the path of disease protection today.





















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