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Our search for the perfect family pet began many years ago...

When we first decided to get another family pet, after our wonderful lab Shadow passed away, I found out that my son Christopher had allergies. There are only a few large breed dogs that are good companions for people with allergies. I know that my husband was not fond of walking a poodle down the street, so we began looking for something a little less prissy! And voila...we learned of Goldendoodles! Our Lacy Doodles entered our lives 2 years later in September of 2004.

The Story of our Lacy:

First let me say, it took me 2 years to save up the money for Lacy. Not only did money stop us from getting a doodle sooner, I wanted my doodle to come from a home where she thrived from love and attention each day of her new life. I truly believe the first eight weeks are so extremely important to the developmental life of the dog. I found a breeder who raised puppies lovingly in her home. Not to mention, the breeder's children held and loved the puppies daily. This was important to me as I wanted our puppy to know and be accustomed to small children before coming to our family.

We stopped at the agreed upon location to meet our breeder and our puppy when Christopher, saw a lady with a puppy. He asked “Mommy, could I pat that puppy”? I said "ok...but we really need to go honey". As he was patting the puppy, he looked up at the lady with his red curls and innocent big brown curious eyes and asked her "What kind of puppy is this?" She said, "It's a Goldendoodle". Christopher instantly looked at me, his eyes very big and said, "Mommy, you have always wanted a Goldendoodle!" I said, "Christopher, that is our puppy!" With that we all, including the breeder started crying. 

Once we got Lacy we knew that we couldn't stop there! When we were visiting a breeder in Canada, we decided to get Goldie! Goldie and Lacy quickly became the best of friends and completely inseparable.

With Lacy's first litter, we just fell in love with one of the little girls, and of course...had to keep her! We named her Apple Rose. Apple Rose has made the cover of ASPCA magazine and we are so proud!

Last but not least, came our Mackie. I have never met such an incredible guy. He gives the most amazing hugs I've ever seen from a dog. Just a great big bear hug. He is like another child to me, and I can't imagine not having him to cuddle with.

So there you have it, what started off as 1, became 2, and quickly became 3 and 4 dogs! A full house! But my 3 children love having tons of doggies to play with! There is never a dull moment here!

We thought long and hard for a great name to go by. We needed something interesting and something that fit us. Well....we thought of Cha Cha Doodles! The CHA stands for my children's names - Christopher, Hannah, and Alex. So, Cha Cha Doodles was born!

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