Cha Cha Doodles

Family Raised Goldendoodles in New Jersey


Mackie is our resident cuddle bug! He has many nicknames....Macintosh, Mackie, Mack-attack. He is a beautiful curly coated goldendoodle. He is very loving and loyal to me...his mommy! He just gives me the most amazing hugs. Mackie's love for water is just hilarious! He is always trying to get in the tub, splash in the water pail, jump in puddles...and of course, swim in a pond or a river! Mack is an F2 goldendoodle. Both of his parents were F1 goldendoodles.

 Be sure to visit our Video page to see Mackie trying to figure out where the water is coming from! 

 Mackie is 40lbs







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