Cha Cha Doodles

Family Raised Goldendoodles in New Jersey


It all began with our Lacy Doodles. We waited so long for her to come into our lives, and belive was so worth it! She is our best friend and constant companion. Lacy is an F1 apricot colored goldendoodle. She is the girl that started our whole program.

Lacy is 55lbs 

Lacy has retired and will continue to live happily ever after in her home with us!

Lacy lived happily ever after with us....but the truth is ...we lived happily...

We were the lucky ones...

Doodle Hugs Forever LacyDoodles!

You will be missed and loved  


Goldie girl. She stole our hearts from the moment we laid our eyes on her. Goldie has always had that calm nature to her. It is like she is just taking everything in. Goldie is an apricot colored F1b goldendoodle. 

Goldie is 60lbs 

Goldie.......Just Gorgeous! 


                             Apple Rose

Apple Rose is the goofy girl of the pack. She loves to greet new people and cannot get enough attention when anyone comes over! She is the type of girl who will get all bathed and groomed, and then see a mud puddle and a fun time! Apple is an F2 goldendoodle from our very own Lacy. 

 AppleRose is 40lbs


In the spring of 2009, Apple graced the cover of the ASPCA magazine! We are so proud!


Angel is our newest puppy! She is her name. She came to us, with such a sweet disposition. Angel is so eager to please her new family.          

                               Angel is 45lbs and still growing! 


                   Here are more pics of Angel. She is 50lbs                                    Angel just had a litter of puppies. See Available Litters Page

      Here Angel is being shy: "Not Now Mommy, Please Do Not Take My Picture"    

        ...And here she is with one of her favorite buddies!


                Emmie is one of our sweetest loving doodles!                                                      She has the sweetest disposition.                                             Emmie favorite past time is playing ball and snuggling!                                                 Out of all of our doodles,                                                    Emmie and Nanuq took on most golden retriever looks.    


                  Tessa is really the "Perfect Puppy"!


                       Since Tessa has come to us, she is so eager to please us!

                                    She is extremely gentle and loving.  

                       Tessa was quick to learn to ring the "Potty Spot" Bells!

                                     We all love Tessa's lovable hugs! 


                                          Nanuq (Nan Nook)                                                                       Nanuq is an English Cream Goldendoodle                                       


             Nanuq Means Great White Polar Bear of the North

                               See The Resemblance!



                  Nanuq loves the expression....."Stop and Smell The Flowers"

                                           She even likes to pick them! 

      Meet Willow! Willow is an English Cream Golden Retriever                              Her father Prince is from Russia                                                  Her mother Heidi is from Romania                                      

             She insist on helping empty the dishwasher! 


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